Our Ingredients

Quality, Sustainable Ingredients

At Loafer, we take our time to source the best quality ingredients from sustainable suppliers. 

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Using organic or biodynamic wherever possible, our milk, meat and eggs are ethically sourced and genuine free range.

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Our Suppliers

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers. 

We use the following ingredients when possible:


Powlett Hill

Biodynamic Wholemeal Wheat, Rye & Spelt Flours

Loafer Bread has been using Powlett Hill biodynamic stone milled flours since back in the day. We love the flavour of the flour that they mill, and their grains are the ones we sprout for our sprout and seed loaf, and dark rye beer bread.


Cherry Tree Organics

Organic free-range Beef, Lamb, Ham and Chicken

Shane and Ann Blundy have been supplying us with organic beef since 2008.

Cherry Tree’s mission is ‘to provide you with the finest quality ethically and sustainably raised organic meat and connect you with your food sources.’

This aligns closely with our own values and their fully grass fed beef and lamb is of the highest quality.

 When people ask us why our sausage rolls are so good it’s definitely because of the beef that we use – and the lashings of butter in the pastry…


Days Walk Farm

Seasonal vegetables picked on the morning of delivery.

Located in the Keilor Valley a day’s walk from Melbourne, the vegetables produced here could not be fresher. A thoughtful selection of heritage and flavoursome varieties, we are delighted to receive our order twice per week.

Their fresh salad mix is an integral part of what makes our egg baguette the finest example of it’s kind.

Day’s Walk Farm are also training a new generation of farmers though their Farmer Incubator Program


Mount Zero

Olive oil, olives, pink lake salt, legumes

Suppliers of fabulous olives and olive oil, key to our delicious focaccia. Mount Zero are the business. Committement to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero.

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia.


Wholegrain Milling Co

Organic and sustainably grown grain products

The desire to create a healthier, more natural flour lead to Wendy and Harry Neale stone-grinding organic flours at their family’s kitchen table, over 40 years ago, in Gunnedah, NSW, with a small bench-mounted stone mill.

Now, lead by their son, Craig Neale and his family, Wholegrain Milling Co. is today the largest supplier of chemical-free, organic and sustainable flours in Australia, expanding from that one humble stone mill to a state-of-the-art modern mill equipped with 100 grain silos and seven custom-built stone mills.



Clay Fine Food and Health

Fruit and Vegetables

We’ve a long relationship with Clay, and we source our fruits and veg that we can’t source on our own.

They head to the market a few nights a week and are always on the lookout for what we need or what may be interesting to us.


Craftwork Roasters


We’re delighted to have a relationship with Craftwork Roasting Company. We first met Caleb and Rebecca when they were running A Little Bird Told Me.

They are coffee professionals dedicated to producing exceptional coffee. They source high quality specialty coffee that is traceable back to the farm and producers.

Roasting in small batches they aim to bring out the best flavour characteristics.


BD Demeter Milk from Peterson’s Farm

Biodynamic milk

We recieve a lot of complements on our coffee, and yes the Craftwork Beans play an enourmous part in that, but what really lifts our coffee and any other product that we make with it, is the quality of the Demeter Certified milk that we use.

Outstanding in it’s creaminess, rich in flavour, it’s wonderful to drink accompanying a biscuit, makes excellent pastry cream and fabulous bechamel.


Tuerong Farm

French Redwheat, Royal Triticale, Winter White

Tuerong Farm grows and mills heritage, ancient and modern grains at the heart of the Mornington Peninsula.

We have been delighted to pre purchase a few tonnes of Jason and Emma’s delicious French Red wheat this year. It’s a softer variety that is so flavoursome.

It improves the crumb of our baguettes and we use it as a blend in our cake flour too. The Royal Triticale has stepped in to fill the drought affected supply from Woodstock.

It’s so tasty, a hybrid of rye and wheat, triticale is often relegated to animal feed. It has wonderful full flavour and its hybrid nature make it suitable for those who find wheat a challenge to digest.


Woodstock Flour

‘Wholegrain stoneground flour from Certified Organic grain grown on our family farm, Woodstock, in Berrigan, NSW.’

We have been buying flour from Courtney and Ian for a bit over a year now since meeting them at the 2018 grainz gathering. That was where we first tried their delicious triticale flour. (At the time we all thought it was khorasan, but that’s another story).

For baking we use their wholemeal rye and spelt in our breads. We love their Rosella and Spitfire flours too but due to the ongoing drought the supplies of those are limited.




Schultz Organic Milk

Cream, Yogurt, Milk

Schulz Organic Dairy, have been at the forefront of organic farming since 1972.

Across three generations of dedicated farmers, they’ve been producing the highest quality milk from a single herd of healthy Friesian and Jersey cows.

We use Schultz cream in our quiche, and sweets. Their yougurt on our granola, and their milk in our croissants. All of their products are delicious.


Hazeldean Forest Farm

Apples, Cider Vinegar, Cider

Marg and Jason Alexander grow fabulous fruit. Their farm located in West Gippsland, is both beautiful and productive.

They produce fruits, nuts, veggies, juice, cider & apple cider vinegar which is sold at farmers markets, organic retailers and restaurants.

We receive a couple of boxes of apples and our steady supply of fabulous cider vinegar every week or two throughout the season.

Their excellent apples and cider are key ingredients in our fruit mince tarts.

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