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Nkara Peaberry filter coffee beans

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This coffee comes from the Nkara Washing Station which is owned by the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative.

The washing station is located in the rugged Northwest in the town of Musasa, at around 1,856 metres above sea level.

Nkara is quite a small washing station by Rwandan standards, representing just over 100 cooperative members. Seventy-three seasonal workers are employed by the washing station—of whom 95% are women.

Nkara is managed by Michel Dusengimana. Dukunde Kawa owns three washing stations total. In addition to Nkara, the cooperative owns Mbilima and a larger washing station called Ruli.

In total, Dukunde Kawa has nearly 2,000 contributing members, of whom 20% are female farmers.

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