Light Rye Bread


Light Rye sourdough bread, naturally leavened.


Baker’s favourite! Light Rye is a blend of wholemeal wheat flour, wholemeal rye flour, and organic sifted wheat flour.

With a well baked crust and a moist and tender crumb it’s a favourite for sandwiches and toast. With a flavour that evolves with ageing, it’s one of our best sellers. Made with a blend of flours from our suppliers at Powlett Hill, Woodstock Farm, Rolling Stone Mill, and Wholegrain Milling.

Naturally leavened, sourdough bread

Ingredients – Sifted wheat flour 35%, wholemeal wheat flour 35%, wholemeal rye flour 30%, water, salt

Tinned loaves are rolled in a mix of seeds including sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

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