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Tuerong Triticale Flour

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Triticale – a hybrid of wheat and rye it is delicious. It is found to be more digestible than wheat for some, and has less lift than a wheat flour. A bakers’ favourite for it’s unique flavour. Suitable for bread making, pasta and pastry. You can try it in pastry and cakes too. We’d recommend blending with a white flour for lift and lightness.

Another reason to love triticale and to champion it as a grain is it’s hardiness.

According to ‘Notman Pasture Seeds’ “Triticale is a cereal crop developed from crosses between wheat and cereal rye that is known for its excellent vigour, drought tolerance and high tolerance to waterlogged soils and soil acidity. The wheat and rye characteristics blend well, combining the enhanced adaptability and rust resistance of rye and high quality & yielding of wheat.” In a climate as susceptible to drought as ours supporting farmers to grow grains like triticale helps keep them in business during poor seasons.

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