Tuerong Farm Winter White Wheat Flour


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Tuerong Notes on Winter White Varieties

“All our Winter Whites are classed as Australian Hard wheats capable of high quality protein and performance. Our modern winter white varieties include Mustang, Kittyhawk and Wedgetail. Their comparative performance depends on the growing season and particular farming technique, but in 2019/20 Mustang had the highest protein, followed by Kittyhawk. Each offer distinct flavours and one paddock/variety will typically produce a lower protein for bakers looking for the benefits of softer flour. The high extraction stone-milled flour is supplied at a consistent 170micron fineness (very fine) and milled to demand. It is fresh, full of flavour and nutrition, and a true expression of a single variety and the land in which it was grown. Unless otherwise requested, the variety we are currently milling is Mustang.”

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